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Going on a real-life Pokémon adventure? Soon!

The Pokémon Company recently teamed up with ‘Ingress’ developer Niantic Labs (if you aren’t familiar with Ingress, there’s a Wikipedia article for that) to develop ‘Pokémon Go’, an upcoming game for iOS and Android.

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Google loses serifs in new logo

Google unveiled on September 1st at around 9am PST (which is conveniently September 2nd at 12 MIDNIGHT on my timezone), a new logo to represent the company. Noticeably, it loses its familiar serifs however, it still retains its 4-color scheme.

Today’s Doodle on Google is this.

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15 Years of

After celebrating 30 years of the Mac it’s interesting to look back as to what Apple has done over the years in revolutionizing the technology industry and beyond.

Now, here’s another way to reminisce the history of Apple, it’s been 15 years since the company went online on the internet at and Charlie Hoehn has compiled below the home pages of the website over the years which range from new product announcements to milestones Apple has achieved through their products and services.


via 15 Years of Apple’s Homepage.