My 2016 was bad but at least not all bad

Another year is history and quite a historic year it was.

Honestly speaking, I think we had better years than 2016. A lot of things went all around the place, things that didn’t turn out the way we probably hoped and expected back in January.

And yet, here we are again, greeting a brand new year and probably reflected on what things you’d like carry over and things that should be left it in the past.

Personally, there are  a lot of things that are coming into my mind right now that I don’t like to be a part of my 2017 anymore. There were a lot of disappointments, unmet expectations, frustrations, betrayals, and the like that happened to me this year which ultimately affected how I saw myself and how I’ve performed in whatever tasks and projects I had in mind. I’d rather not recall all of those moments here since it already in the past – well, most of it are now history to me but I’m currently handling the rest which unfortunately will have to spill over the new year.

If there is any silver lining in what appears to be a depressing year, I guess some of the most awesome feelings and experiences I had also happened this year which kinda helped keep my sanity up to this posting.

First and foremost would be my brief time with Rappler as an intern. I already mentioned my experiences in detail here, and here but basically, I accepted the offer knowing the fact that there were instances I will be outside of my comfort zone and sure enough, it was worthwhile since I get to know the basics of writing sports stories, gathering information on the field. and then techniques in managing social media accounts. Of course, I got to meet a lot of people and even new friends – Rapplers and fellow interns from that time. If any of you are reading this – thank you for the experience and I hope our paths cross once again soon!

Another memorable experience from 2016 would be pulling of a three-hour radio show without stressing too much on how to do it which was ‘Lakbay-Aral Tayo!’ on DWBU-FM, the laboratory radio station of Bicol University. Sure, we made a lot of mistakes on air but still, it was the most enjoyable radio production I get to handle thus far in all our laboratory work so far in fulfilling our AB Broadcasting degrees . All my thanks to my entire production team known as Pilimon Productions. If we ever to get to work together again in radio this year, let’s make it better!

Meanwhile, getting stressed out from school work and the drama I had to deal with didn’t stop me from getting another shot of representing Bicol University in Editorial Writing in English by placing second  in the 17th Regional Tertiary Schools Press Conference held in Masbate. While I failed to get into the top 5 for Opinion Writing in English which I was hoping to do, surprisingly I also placed sixth in Sports Writing in English. Part of me was convinced that was because of Rappler but another part was ironically not surprised by the result since many of my competitors were having trouble fulfilling the 15-paragraph requirement of the judge and I can assume only six of us did. With that, wish me and the rest of the Bicol University publications good luck in the Luzon-wide Higher Education Press Conference in Palawan this coming February!

Lastly, probably my most fulfilling moment of 2016 would being able to finally defend my thesis after being behind with the rest of the class. While we were only expecting to just to pass the oral examination, we got more than than just a passing mark when we were told we had the chance to be awarded as the ‘Best Thesis’ and they saw not much problems in the presentation of our data and were quite impressed we did the statistical treatment on our own. Actually, having an academic deficiency is probably my biggest cause of my stress this 2016 and I’m finally glad that this 2017, once we finalize everything, we will get to see our names in the tentative list of graduates in the before March! Konting push na lang!

And with that, I am grateful that I’m still doing fine as we move on with life this 2017. I won’t say things may get better. I’ll say let’s see what things will come this time around.

Goodbye 2016!

Happy New Year!