Original author to write new story in Sword Art Online anime film project

News coming out of Dengenki Autumn Festival 2015 with regards to Sword Art Online (SAO) appear that the original author of the SAO, Reki Kawahara, will be writing a new story which will be turned into an anime film by A-1 Pictures.

Multiple sources are reporting that Tomohiko Ito will once again direct this project just has he did in the SAO anime while Shingo Adachi will be working on the character designs.

As much as every SAO fan, and possibly hater, may be following this with utmost anticipation. More information is expected to be released when the next issue of the Dengenki Bunko Magazine is released on October 10th.

Until then, keep your speculations to a bare minimum as we’re all probably wondering what Mr. Kawahara will be featuring in this new story. As far a third season of the anime is concerned, we may still have to wait a lille more for news on that.

News via GoBoiano, ANN, SGcafe


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