Going on a real-life Pokémon adventure? Soon!

The Pokémon Company recently teamed up with ‘Ingress’ developer Niantic Labs (if you aren’t familiar with Ingress, there’s a Wikipedia article for that) to develop ‘Pokémon Go’, an upcoming game for iOS and Android.

I think the video pretty much sums what will be expecting but just to be sure, here’s the thing: The game will be using augmented reality and GPS technology which makes possible for us to go out into the real world and go catch and train Pokémon! It would also be possible, judging from the video that is, to battle and trade Pokémon with other players when you’re out and about.

There appears to be as well that there will be a wearable accessory for the game as well which is ‘Pokémon Go Plus’ that will notify you if there is something that you’ll need to take action let’s say a nearby Pokémon trainer challenged you to a battle or something like that.

At this point, there are no further details but we believe more will come out as its release draws close. However, as mentioned in an Ingress Report, it appears there will be a closed beta later this year so stand by for updates and of course, I’m super excited.. so excited that I started playing Ingress just to get acquainted with the gaming mechanics.


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