TV News Reporting is harder than it looks

Let me share to you my first time experience of doing a TV news report from a location. The following video that you see below is the output that I have put together with the help of some of my classmates as a fulfillment of an assignment in our ‘Radio & TV Speech Performance’ class. Now given, this was never broadcasted on TV but nevertheless, we went through the process of news gathering, shooting video, and reporting on location.

Basically, our assignment was to produce a TV News Report on any event that has happened during our college intramurals. Our group decided to report on the awarding ceremony. Initially, we would have reported on the results itself but given the time constraint of some, we decided to a report before the announcement instead as seen above.

If you noticed, the report was not one hundred percent perfect in terms to delivering the report, there were a couple of mistakes here and there but overall, it was pretty decent. Here’s the thing though, that took several takes and I only had a few minutes to prepare  what words I had to say theoretically ‘on air’. Not to mention, reporting from a location means having a lot of people around you seeing what you are doing. Fortunately, I tend to focus on the camera most of the time when I reported.

This experience made me realize that most TV news reporters out there on the field made it look easy. More so if it was a live report. Unlike in the studio where there are prompters, field reporters often rely on their notes and skill in extemporaneous speaking. Well, I’m still a student after all and at the end of the day, it’s all part of the learning process so that when the time comes when we actually have to do it for actual broadcast (ahem, summer internship) at least it won’t be as difficult.

There are still a lot of things for me to learn about reporting for TV and as far this industry is concerned, experience is definitely the best teacher.


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