2013: All that music mashed together into one!

Quite late already but I just found this out today. Apparently, we now have the latest mashups of last year’s top hits from two of the DJs I’ve been following. (Probably missed their updates) 

Interestingly, both of these were released at around the same time!

United State of Pop

First off is Earworm’s ‘United State of Pop 2013: Living the Fantasy’ which is a mashup of 25 top hit songs (not necessarily the top 25) in the United States.

‘United State of Pop’ started with 2007’s hit songs and has since then become an annual tradition to expect one by the end of the year. What makes it popular is that Earworm basically makes a whole new song out of the other songs as if the artists came together in one studio to record. I started following his mixes since his 2009 United State of Pop.

Find out more about DJ Earworm at his website.

Pop Danthology

Next up is Daniel Kim’s ‘Pop Danthology’ which is a mashup of a whopping 68 songs of 2013’s most popular songs.

‘Pop Danthology’ started later in the yearly mashup of top hits debuting in 2010 and once you start listening, it will get you to the beat from start to finish (you might even set this on loop for a few times so first-timers, you have been warned.)

Go over to Daniel Kim’s blog (he’s even on WordPress!) to know more.

In terms of YouTube views, ‘Pop Danthology 2013’ is more popular with about 14.6 million views beating ‘United State of Pop 2013’ with only 4.5 million views as of posting. Not that I want to start a war here but it’s nice to listen to mixes like these and we’re to see a little diversity in style in which I believe artists (applying not only to music but also to other forms of art) should have.

So, go ahead and listen back to 2013’s most popular hits in more or less 10 minutes! (if you plan to listen to both of them)


Welcome to the Randomized Agenda!

New Year, New Blog!

For some of you out there, I previously blog on Weebly. For some time, it was good enough for me until I had to work with multiple websites as of recently. All of those websites have been set up with WordPress. In short, to keep everything consistent for me, I’ve decided to set up a new personal blog here. As always, my legacy content over at Weebly will still be there just as I’ve always kept my tumblr alive. The only difference is that they will no longer get updated.

There will be no significant changes in content. It will still be my random ramblings when I feel like blogging about it. Speaking of ‘random’, my blog now has it own name as you may have noticed. Keeping with the ‘agenda’ that I have set since starting my online presence in content creation, you could see why this blog is called ‘Randomized Agenda’.

I don’t expect not many people will read what I put here as it’s has been from the start (according to insight data, that is) but we’ll see what the new year (and a new blogging platform) will bring.

Let the randomness continue!